Rodi le spécialiste du sofa

Rodi and its staff are proud to deliver this furniture which combines the expertise of the best in our industry.  The whole team is constantly upgrading and innovating so you can enjoy a higher quality of furniture made with the best materials and meeting the strictest standards.  Our commitment is your satisfaction. Ownership of RODI will provide you with lasting peace of mind.


Recliner or sofa-bed mechanisms, springs and wood frame, leather, fabric, upholstry, mattress and all other components incling workmanship.

The Warranty applies to normal wear, as determined by RODI.  The warranty on sofa-bed mechanism and mattressis based on occasional use only.

RODI will repair all its warranted furniture, section of furniture of defective parts within one year of the original purchase date.  The buyer will be responsible for all installation and shipping costs.


Leather hide is a natural product whose appearance and texture may vary.  It is this quality that distinguishes genuineness.  Some physical variations such as scars, insect bites, neck wrinkles and scuff marks are proof of authenticity which is why you will never find two identical hides.  All these imperfections are perfectly harmonized and as such cannot be considered as defects within the terms and conditions of this warranty.


Simply wipe your furniture weekly with a soft cloth or vacuum with a soft brush.  Avoid excessive rubbing.  Dirt and dust act as abrasive on leather surfaces.

Never place your furniture near a heat source, or in direct sunlight.

To remove stains or dirt, it is very important to use a natural sponge or a soft damp cloth.  Use only water and make sure to let dry.  If a grease occurs, immediatly remove excess with a soft damp cloth.  On occasion, you could use a non-perfumed, non-colored mild detergent and warm water.  Most importantn never use chemical thinners on your furniture.


  • Damage during transportation.
  • The normal release of tension of springs and cushions.
  • Damage or wear due to misuse.
  • Fabrics or leather having undergone any type of treatment or over exposed to the sunlight.
  • The reimbursement or replacement of any type of treatment on fabric or leather parts under repair.
  • The variation of density or shape of upholstry.
  • The variation of color between leather and vinyl on leather match furniture.