Rodi le spécialiste du sofa

Prolonged the life of the furniture in which you spend all your favourite moments.  Little tricks like not to exposed your furniture to direct sunlight or not to place it close to an intense heat source will illiminate the chance of draining your leather or even melt a synthetic leather fabric. Here is a few tricks for you to use to fully take advantage of your new furniture.


The first step is to avoid placing your furniture directly in the sun, as well as placing it close to a heat source, a furnace or a wood burning stove.  The sun wil attack the colours and the heat will drain the leather and the synthetic leather fabrics much quicker.  Regularely clean your furniture with a soft soap or even with just a little bit of water; it is much better than to use an agressive product.  We do not recommend the maintenance products distributed in grocery stores or even in hardware stores.  Some much better quality products exists for just a few extra pennies and would truly make a difference.  Carefully read their instructions, but know that usually, no more than two applications of those products a year is enough.  We do carry recognized products which will protect your investment.


Use a vacuum with a a hair tip to help remove any pet hairs or dust that could accumulate.  Wiping with a humid cloth will risk getting the dust stick to the material even deeper into the fabric.  If a stain occur, try and react as soon as possible by washing the affected area with a soft soap and some cold water.  If the stain still doesnt seem to come off, we do carry specialized product which are made to remove stains on fabrics. Depending on your style of life and if you have animals, maybe some type and color of material will be more appropriate.  Ask advice to any of our consultants in store to help you while shopping! 


Wood is a very easy material to maintain.  A slight humid cloth, or specialized products to protect against UV rays will allow it to keep its luster.