Rodi le spécialiste du sofa

In business for over 35 years and open to the public for more than three years, RODI, The Sofa Specialist offers all styles of living room furniture. We specialize in upholstered furniture, with over 200 models of sofas, sectionals, sofa-beds, recliners, stationaries, in genuine leathers, synthetics or fabrics. To add to these choices, we also offer an entire product line of accessories to complete your future living room.


The building we chose to settle in, and have been occupying for 20 years on Marie-Victorin Boulevard, is full of history. It was built as a military shed during WWII, followed by Weston bakeries just before RODI moved in and started manufacturing sofas by the thousands. We have been distributing throughout Canada for many years, and only recently have decided to open our own furniture store to sell directly to the public, while maintaining our large distribution network. At the same time, we started major renovations on this historical building to preserve its charm, and to add a glass facade, giving a gorgeous view of the river and the Montreal skyline. Come for a visit and discover RODI’s line of sofas at warehouse prices, designed and built for your comfort!


Launching into the International manufacturing foray in 2002, we created team RODI in Asia. We have experienced great success offering an unbeatable value for our customers without compromising quality or design. It is inspiring to witness the workmanship that is produced internationally. We take great pride in our Asia team that is tasked with upholding our product quality standards. Our Quebec-based design & product development team travels around the world, trend sourcing and researching product ideas. The round trip voyage of each sofa, from concept & design in Longueuil, to our retail showrooms and to the 100+ distributors in Quebec is a labour of love!


Our goal is to design and build a range of comfortable and affordable sofas for all of our customers. It’s our passion as much as it is our everyday work. We’re The Sofa Specialists and we go to great lengths to offer quality and comfort at the lowest price possible. In our stores, we aim to help you make the right choice for your home, no-pressure sales people, only experts in helping you find the best sofa. We believe our prices, our products and their quality will win you over. We like to see our clients come back and we love to hear your suggestions on how to improve our products. We look forward to serving you!